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A Stand for Net Neutrality

 A Stand for Net Neutrality

A message from GoDaddy CEO, Blake IrvingIn 2015, the tech industry and millions of individuals fought to legally protect the Internet from fast lanes and slow lanes, guaranteeing an open, unrestricted Internet that treated all data neutrally—not favoring big business over small.

Unfortunately, the FCC has changed leadership and the open Internet is now under serious attack once again. July 12th marks a “Day of Action on Net Neutrality” across the Web. If you value the spirit of the Internet that’s driven so much prosperity and freedom around the world, please join forces with GoDaddy to get informed and take action today.

I recently posted about this very subject. Well, it was months ago. Seen any good memes lately?  I watch as the Noose gets Tighter.
(All ^ those ^ words ... mean the government, is trying to take away your freedom of the web).

Popcorn Anyone? I may as well enjoy what I have, Happiness.
Then again, I don't spend all day online, trolling. Or "surfing" ....

::Munches Popcorn::

4:28pm 07/12/2017


Someone is unsupervised ... again.

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